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Playbill - Immersive Theatre Experience 'Summoned' To Play West Coast

For those of you who aren't familiar, M.B. Thurman and I launched Firecracker Entertainment. earlier this year. Firecracker Ent. is a full service media house that produces content ranging from film to music production to immersive theatre experiences and more. Our first immersive experience A Summoned Experience: Afternoon Tea takes the stage of Forks, Washington this fall and the folks over at Playbill were kind enough to give us a little feature about what we have planned this September. Huge thank you to writer Margret Hall for the article!

Follow the link below for the full feature.

Tickets for A Summoned Experience: Afternoon Tea are currently sold out, but check out more of that the Forever Twilight in Forks Festival has to offer over at

That's all for now!

xx, Samantha Rose


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