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Firecracker Entertainment Team Takes on Scotland

Hadley and Fitz from The Summoned Series at Edinburgh University in Edinburgh, Scotland

For those of you who aren't familiar, earlier this year author of The Summoned Series, M.B. Thurman and I formed Firecracker Entertainment, and full service media house and production company specializing in not only on-screen content but ranging from music production to publishing to immersive theatre experiences while encouraging a reshaping of industry norms.

This month, the Firecracker Ent. and Summoned teams took on their first excursions across the pond where we created content and scouted locations for one of our upcoming projects which is slated to begin production early next year.

Be sure to keep an eye here and over on the Firecracker Entertainment and The Summoned Series socials for updates and the first look at some of the content created in UK.

Firecracker Entertainment

The Summoned Series

That's all for now!

xx, Samantha Rose


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